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Eva Books

Hi, I am Eva-Marie Welsh and I have written and illustrated 12 Australian wildlife children’s story picture books.

My books are all AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED! They are cute, funny and educational. 

I live in beautiful Mission Beach in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia. The tropical rain forest, it’s animals and plants, as well as the ocean, fish life and coral reef, are the inspirations for my books. I like to merge educational facts into my fictional stories, which are all written and illustrated by me. I’m originally from Germany, but now I’m a dinky-di Aussie and raised four children in paradise.

My friend Sharon inspired my first book, saying: “Mission Beach needs a book about our endangered cassowaries!” That’s how Cassy’s Tale was born! If you don’t already know it, Mission Beach is one of the world’s most important cassowary habitats. Unfortunately cassowaries are a threatened and endangered species.

The EVA BOOKS series is available as a Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download.

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CASSY’S TALE is a kid’s story picture book about a CASSOWARY chick from the moment she hatches. Her proud father is watching. In nature, male cassowaries tend their young. Cassy learns to walk and discovers her powerful legs. Clearly, she enjoys jumping up trying to catch butterflies.

Her father teaches her about the rainforest and food. The cassowary chick is amazed by the colourful rainforest fruits.

Dad shows Cassy how to push through dense rainforest. Later on, Cassy trips over a log from the last cyclone. Subsequently, dad takes the opportunity to explain about the destruction caused by cyclones.

But now the rainforest has regrown and Cassy can be seen following the trail of colourful berries.

Additionally, other Australian animals and the rainforest are included. It’s a cute, funny and educational children’s story.

AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED. It’s available as a Glossy Paper Book and Flip eBook Digital Download.

WHERE IS CROAKY? Is a funny children’s story picture book about GREEN TREE FROGS.

Gilbert is searching for his friend Croaky in many different locations. He searches at the local pond and finds the other frogs hiding from a kingfisher. Croaky is not one of them.

After, he searches at the fence, the downpipe of a house, as well as in the bathroom and kitchen. Eventually, they find each other and hug.

The Australian green tree frog is native to northern and eastern parts of Australia.

Additionally, Cassy from CASSY’S TALE, as well as other native animals and the rainforest are included.

BOBBY THE TREE KANGAROO is a kid’s story picture book about a Tree kangaroo joey learning to climb. There is no shortage of encouragement.

In the beginning, Bobby lives in his mother’s pouch, while she climbs around the trees. Later, the Tree kangaroo parents encourage him to climb by himself. Firstly, Bobby scratches around a tree trunk he wants to climb. A Sulphur-crested cockatoo calls out encouragement.

Finally, he climbs a tree. Cassy the cassowary jumps up and down to show that she also has strong legs. Later, the little Tree kangaroo can be found sitting in the tree tops feeding on leaves. They taste so much better now, because he picked them all by himself.         

This Australian marsupial’s habitat is Far North Tropical Queensland in Australia.

Additionally, previous book characters of EVA BOOKS reappear. Also, other native animals and the rainforest are included.

NIPPER THE CROCODILE is a children’s story picture book about a crocodile mother caring for her hatchlings. She hears calling noises from her nest at the river bank. The baby crocodiles are hatching. Mother crocodile helps her hatchlings to get out of the eggs. Carefully, she carries them to the water on her back and in her mouth. Nipper is happy to have a ride in the safety of her jaws.

The cassowary father warns Cassy to only admire crocodiles from a safe distance. Also, sound words like umph, rustle and crack make reading the book even more fun.   

The Saltwater crocodile’s habitat is Northern Australia.

Additionally, previous book characters of EVA BOOKS reappear. Also, other native animals and the rainforest are included.

PADDLES THE PLATYPUS is a kid’s story picture book about a platypus mother to be. She is searching for the right place to lay her eggs. The cassowaries are watching from the bank of the creek. Paddles is spotted by other characters of the EVA BOOKS series. Clearly, they are curious about the unique mammal. The cockatoos are surprised that Paddles would be laying eggs too. They had no knowledge about egg-laying mammals.

Paddles had laid two eggs into her burrow. After a while, they grew up and Paddles watched her babies while they swam for their first time in the creek.

Their habitat is the eastern and south-eastern coast of Australia and Tasmania. They are a monotreme. The platypus and echidna are the world’s only egg-laying mammals.

Additionally, previous book characters of EVA BOOKS reappear. Also, other native animals and the rainforest are included.

SHELLY THE SEA TURTLE is a children’s story picture book reflecting the beautiful tropical ocean life of the Great Barrier Reef.

This kid’s story book begins with baby turtles hatching at the beach. The cassowaries are watching from the edge of the rainforest. Turtle hatchlings are crawling into the tropical sea. Shelly is one such hatchling. She is eager to explore and has many adventures.

On her journey, she encounters many interesting fish, coral and a shipwreck. Shelly spots a crocodile. Clearly, she gets a big fright, which is humorously illustrated.

When Shelly surfaced again, she saw kayaks and parachutes in the distance. Also, she spots the land where she would one day return to lay her own eggs.

Cassy, a previous character of the EVA BOOKS series, reappears.

LYSSIE THE BUTTERFLY is a children’s story picture book about the life cycle of the Ulysses butterfly. A trail of caterpillars is crawling up an Evodia tree, while a tree kangaroo group is watching. Bobby’s mother explains they are caterpillars of the Ulysses Butterfly. Nearby, Lyssie the butterfly lands on the casque of a cassowary dad. He teaches Cassy about the butterfly’s long tongue.

Lyssie flies off and lands on the snout of Nipper’s mother, a saltwater crocodile.  Later that day, the butterfly befriends Big Blue, a male Ulysses. Together, they join other butterfly species feeding on rainforest blossoms. Amazing illustrations of the stages from eggs and caterpillars to the hatching of the butterfly are included.

Their habitat is Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Additionally, previous book characters of EVA BOOKS reappear. Also, other native butterfly species are included.

WHO IS LAUGHING? Is a kid’s story picture book about a Laughing kookaburra. Bluey is meeting different species of Australian birds. He disturbs a frogmouth family’s sleep with his distinctive call. Rainbow lorikeets are screeching around, but Bluey’s laugh is louder.

Then, Bluey discovers a scrub turkey building her nest. It’s hard work for her in comparison to kookaburras’ nesting behaviour. Sulphur-crested cockatoos are curious about his laugh. Later on, black cockatoos dropped a gum nut on his head, while chewing on them.

Additionally, Cassy from CASSY’S TALE is included.

The bird’s name was suggested by BOB IRWIN ON WORLD CASSOWARY DAY in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia. 

SPIKEY’S DAY OUT is a kid’s story book about Spikey the echidna. He snuffles around the forest floor and meets a bandicoot. The echidna wants to travel to the coast. They talk about it being a long way.

Later, Spikey chats to Paddles the platypus during a swim. After, Spikey meets Tari the wallaby. He asks for a ride in her pouch to the coast, but no such luck. The nearby transport company is the answer. He climbs into one of their packing boxes. The truck leaves and the men discover Spikey and place the box in the rainforest. Spikey encounters unusual local wildlife, including Cassy.

Echidnas are a monotreme and live in Australia. The echidna and platypus are the world’s only egg-laying mammals.

Additionally, previous book characters of EVA BOOKS reappear.  

FUZZY THE KOALA is a children’s story picture book about a koala joey. Firstly, Fuzzy is in his mother’s pouch. Koalas are waking up hanging in various positions in the gum trees. Some climb around and eat leaves. Later, Fuzzy grows older and wants to explore.

He meets up with his friend Mika. They decide to meet on the ground. While Fuzzy climbs down, a cockatoo pops his head out of a hole in the tree trunk. Subsequently, a frightened Fuzzy slips and dangles on a branch. Safely, at the bottom of the tree, the friends decide to play hide and seek. They are using the numbers one to ten for counting down.

Later on, Fuzzy is snuggling up in his mother’s arms. He is feeling safe to go to sleep.

Koalas are marsupials and are native to Australia.

Additionally, other Australian animals and fauna are included.

TIPPY THE KANGAROO is a kid’s story picture book about a Red kangaroo joey, called Tippy.

Firstly, a mob of Red kangaroos are grazing in outback Australia. Tippy wants to meet his cousins. Due to great distances, it’s not possible. So, his mother suggests making video calls instead.

As a result, they meet different species of kangaroo. They range from the tiny Musky Rat-kangaroo to a Tree kangaroo, pademelon, quokkas, Rock-wallabies and wallabies.

Additionally, Tippy learns about other species of marsupials and their environments. They talk to a possum and a koala high up in trees.  After that, they make a video call to marsupials living on the ground, the cute little bilby and a wombat.

The Illustrations show the contrast of the red outback to the tropical rainforest, as well as rocky cliffs and an island. Their habitat is all over Australia and its islands.

Additionally, other Australian animals and fauna are included.

WAZZIE’S LITTLE ADVENTURE is a children’s story picture book about a wombat joey.

Firstly, a wombat mother is emerging from her burrow. Wazzie is still living in her pouch. She needs to eat for her joey to grow strong.

Finally, Wazzie is venturing outside. As a result, the wombats are leaving to find food. His mother is teaching Wazzie what he needs to know about being a wombat. He is learning what and how to eat.

Later, the pair gets a fright from a dingo in the distance. Back at the burrow, mum is teaching Wazzie to dig tunnels. He learns that their cube poos are placed around the burrow entrance to mark their territory.

After, Wazzie is spotting cockatoos in the tree. Bluey, the kookaburra is sitting on a branch. An emu is strolling by with his chicks. Mum explains that they can run really fast. Meanwhile, she encourages them to test how fast they can run home.

Breath and Essence

Made with intention, connection, heart and creative soul. 

In stillness and authentic heart we can find that pure connection with nature. Pure creation and a pure spirit connection. Inspired by our Earth and Oceans and conscious living we create conscious connection.

Surrounded by heritage rainforest and tropical reefs here in Mission Beach, using natural objects with sterling silver… I’ve created the journey of

‘Breath and Essence’ 

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Innisfail Seafood


Since 1980, Innisfail Seafood has provided customers throughout North Queensland with delicious and fresh fish, prawns, bugs, crabs and squid.

We are proud to be the only seafood retailer on the Cassowary Coast that processes everything on site, so you receive the best possible quality and flavour. We are a locally owned business, and our fishermen and their catches are local too!

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