Lucy offers Relaxation Massage in her South Mission Beach Clinic as well as Dry Needling, Cupping and Stone Massage. Lucy’s techniques are firm Remedial for pain and injuries and Beautiful Relaxation for a lighter more relaxing Massage. The spa like clinic overlooks the towns coastline of Mission Beach  and has spectacular Ocean,  Island and Mountain views.

Lucy offers techniques to relieve and reduce muscle/nerve related pain from sports injuries. strains, sprains and tight muscles and knots  from overuse of musculoskeletal anatomy from every day use at home work or sport. Her remedial massage offers stress relief from tension on a lighter scale with Head and Scalp Massage included with soft music and heat.

Lucy has studied Massage and Natural Therapies for many years at Queensland college of Massage Therapy, Australian Institute of Applied Science, Q Academy Gold coast. American Institute of Dry Needling, Precise Points Needling Sydney, She has also attended workshops with world leading Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular Therapist James Waslaski USA and Corrective exercise therapy from educators at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Lucy has worked in the Massage industry since 1989 and has practiced at the Tully and Mission Beach Physiotherapy clinics from 1999 to 2020.  La Mancha Health Centre in Lismore, Castaways Day Spa Mission Beach and Brisbane ladies Gymnasium were other places of practice.

Lucy offers Private Health Rebates and is registered with “Massage and Myotherapy Australia.”

Lucy also offers Sauna and Bath Therapies including Ice baths and Relaxation magnesium salt baths, and healing baths for common ailments.

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