Mija Aboriginal Tours

Your Cultural Experience in Innisfail –

Connect to Country

Learn about our traditional history from the Innisfail region and find out how we practiced sustainability, which made it possible for generations of ‘Mandubarra’ people to co-exist within the natural environment of the tropical rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Aboriginal people of these great lands are the very first ENVIRONMENTALISTS on planet Earth. There is so much taught by Aboriginal people – and plenty more to learn from us…

Join us for a gentle walk as we share with you our Rainforest tuckermedicines, and tools from our natural lifestyle and ancient culture over many a moon…

An hour of your time will positively last forever…

We warmly welcome you…

Yelloo Bunni.!

(G’day / Welcome)


Warrina Lakes Botanical Gardens,

1 Park Street, Innisfail, 4860

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